It includes all the benefits of the Aronia Supplement, plus the Extra benefit of Vitamin D3, the so called “vitamin of the sun”.
In an indepented study that was performed in 2018 from the team of Greek Nutritional Agency in cooperation with the University of Harokopio (, they concluded that: Vitamin D3 in accordance with the EE regulation No 432/2012 it:
Helps in the natural absorption/usage of calcium and phosphorus and in maintaining normal blood calcium levels. Helps maintain the normal condition of bones & teeth and muscle function & the immune system.
Vitamin D3 belongs to the family of vitamins D.
In the last 10 years of scientific researches have concluded that, additional tissues and cells work as receptors for Vitamin D3, affect insulin secretion in the pancreas, help regulate blood sugar levels, contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous & cardiovascular system, as well as in the proper functioning of the skin with anti-aging action. It strengthens the body’s immune system, acts on various cancer cells, reducing their rate of proliferation.
It has a protective effect on the occurrence of autoimmune diseases such as: Diabetes, mellitus T.1, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis
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