Yummy Honey Bar

The nut bar is of very high quality which is characterized by its honey content of 31%. It contains nuts such as peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts without chemicals and without preservatives, hence the high nutritional value.

Super Food

Super-food has a sweet yet acidic taste that comes from the pollen and royal jelly. It is quite energizing and this comes from the ingredients that are produced which are very high in nutritional values.

Floral Honey

The bees mix naturally the nectar they collect from the flowery slopes and plains of the Greek countryside. They choose the nectar from a feast of wild flowers and wild botanical herbs that they find, many of which are unique in the world. It is the sweetest honey that the Read more…

Fir Honey from Vytina

FIR honey, produced in Vytina, at Mt. Mainalo. This product is unique, distinguished by its pearly hues, semi-sweet taste and its caramel-like thickness. This particular product has received a PDO status as it comes from the black fir forest, a very rare tree.   In an international competition (France, 1996) Read more…

Thyme Honey from Kythnos

THYME honey is produced in Kythnos, a Cyclades island. Its unique apicultural plants’ blossom, provide the bees with nectar, which they transform into an extra-aromatic honey of a unique taste and of the highest standards. According to the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece and its quality controls and testing Read more…