Filevias’ supplement Aronia is rich in antioxidants and specifically in anthocyanins and procyanidins. As well, very rich in vitamins and trace elements that shield the immune system. Additionally, it includes Quercetin, which is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant flavonoids.
Research studies have shown Quercetin to:
Protect the body from inflammations and oxidation
It can reduce the growth of free radicals
Works against arthritis, allergies, macular degeneration.
Helps with heart condition, gut and different kinds of cancer
It can also reduce the number of carcinogenic cells in breast cancer up to 50% and also to postpone the increase in colon cancer.
Postpones the increase of prostate cancer
Increases collagen for healthy joints
And lastly, but not least, decreases the signs of ageing and wrinkles.

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