A unique product from the mythical Greek land of the fearless warriors the Avantes. Be a warrior in the bedroom with Aronia Libid-Up. This all-natural food supplement will help stimulate sex drive for men. Thanks to its innovative DUAL-ACTION formula which consists of herbs and other ingredients, ACTIVATE the erotic mood, increase blood flow and enhances endurance. All of the Aronia polyphenols are combined in synchronicity with zinc and all the other energy herbs. The result is proper functioning of the circulatory system, increased blood flow to sensitive areas and throughout the body. Suitable for all ages.

The supplement in action:

Increases sexual endurance

Increases sexual desire (libido)

Increases stimulation and stamina

Increases blood circulation in the erotogenic areas resulting in longer lasting.

Increases energy and strength for the entire body

Added bonus: It contains a unique probiotic technology, which allows the balance of the flora in the gastrointestinal tract. With its antimicrobial action helps treat and prevent different unpleasant side effects, and lastly, but not least, helps in the optimal absorption of ingredients by the body.

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