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Welcome to access to worldwide for wealthy solutions introducing consultancies.—

  • Sophisticated insurance programmes
  • Sophisticated management/funding solutions.
  • Access to over 120 investment opportunities could give your client 100% peace of mind to indulge his/her passion for music or any other hoppy.
  • Revitalization for existing bank loans/radical financial solutions
  • Products and services that provide growth in today’s markets for now and the future the sooner we all start planning the better.

 For Seleroy Andreas Konstantinou introducing consultancies, Consulting on behalf of applicants in business, commodities, lending, borrowing, investing. We are associated with licence brokers who have access to institutions of the world’s biggest financial institutions. This document is to give basic information for professional people such as accountants, lawyers, economists or other people in the advising field.

  • One can start by earning little money, or, lot of money.
  • One can start by investing, borrowing, lending participating introducing.
  • Right money Right place Right time is the present time.

One can enter to a world of opportunities with a peace of mind.— When one choosing funds through Seleroy/ consultancies services Andreas Konstantinou clients are getting the real thing. A varied of fund range that keeps it real—to make a real difference.

He was asked, what is your dreams son? He answered. I have no dreams. I have plans. – Our associate licence experts have access knowledge, experience to assist show the way to fund providers for safe investments.

Large Capital Companies, pride their self’s of being a dynamic, forward thinking and versatile investment company where the investors are at the heart of everything they do. Companies with a proven track record offering both individuals and institutions a versatile product range at attractive rates of return.

The access to Artificial Intelligent programmes gives one the opportunity to earn money in short terms so can use to invest in long term investments.

—One can purchase properties in the U.K by using low deposit plan investment, Buy to rent. One can invest in various plans with institutions managing billions of pounds sterling.

Completing a general information document, appointment can be arranged with a consultant. In some cases the consultant charge a fee for his/her time. The company’s associate advisors are professionals in their field.

 We can put clients in contact with our associate’s experts when requested.

Brief information.

Company Seleroy trading limited is not a banking organization not is presented as such. The company is a general trading company. It is registered in Cyprus and its shareholders and partners directly, or, indirectly, are licensed in whatever it is their specialization. The company with the role of mediator in this website represents the interests of the company and its participants by agreement memorandum of understanding document. It is not an employer-employee relationship; it is a professional relationship in the form of a money transaction. The participant lends his own money that he legally acquired taxed, (not black). In the case of undeclared money, the company accepts no involvement, no liability. The participant lends, and the company borrows from the participant. The company pays interests on the amount owed to the lender as well as dividends per month, beginning on the ninety-three (93) days which is considered as the income benefit of the participating lender, Interests and dividends, together, amount to around 5% .Per month from the 93rd day stated in the agreement between the two parties. The agreement is on this website that with the participation of the participating lender in the form of electronic communication, this is the legal relationship between the two parties, lender and borrower. The borrower is obliged to comply with the rules of the agreement. The company the borrowing party is obliged to pay interests, profits and dividends in the e— wallet of the participating lender. The company is obliged under the agreement between the two parties as stated in the agreement between them, to fulfil its obligation as the commitment in the agreement which is to give the lender the opportunity to benefit interests and dividends together up to 120% or more subject that the participant do little o work in introducing new participants annually o more. When and if the lender benefits three times the amount he lend, he is not entitled to a refund of the original amount he lend , since he has already benefited much more than he lent. He is entitled return capital if he wants to stop in twelve (12) months, or before by written request. An important condition is the lender participating in the cooperation, is obliged to introduce at least one new participant within 37 days after he/she disburses his/her first disbursement or earlier, for example, immediately if he/she wishes. It is not required earlier than 37 days, more recommendations bigger increase for one’s profits the recommender to the second third / fourth participant lender participant partner and the first one benefits net income 15% on the amount that the registered members enjoy. Not from, but on the amount, only one level of pay and end. Each participant is entitled to a single one only participation package that expires in 36 months from the date of joining the partnership with the right to renew with an amount of 20% more than the amount of the first participation, except within the disbursement period returns a percentage to exist when needed. Minimum participation amount is 4048 euro. Forty eight (48) euro charged for diligent. The loan is the investment, the legal process between the two parties. Dividends’ in some countries are not taxed. It does not mean that it should not be declared. One must consult one’s tax advisor when it arises.

Clarification: Lending money for more than 12% interests in some countries is not legal. In this case the borrower is given the lender opportunity of profits & dividends.

Example: A property that generates a rent of 1000 euro per month, its purchased cost is several hundred thousand euro for income to be net, the purchase must be in cash and not on loan. If one participant, invests / lends / participates with the amount of 5000 euro and recommends ten (10) other participants with approximately the same participation amounts, how much monthly income will one have interests and profits dividend together, per month?- I.e. income equal amounts as the landlord , without properties/buildings. –

Note: The services of this site are an opportunity to be able to join the revenue generating – ON LINE and people who do not have the knowledge to participate, in the huge range of internet that moves billions of turnovers, as the most developed industry in the last 30-35 years, that came to stay in our lives. It’s up to us what we do, so we can benefit from it. One can do business at the other side of the globe in months, where was months. – The creator of these opportunities he is from the international technocratic / consulting world based in the UK, City of London, where the heart of banking and insurance beats.

Note: The creator of this service is a Financial Arbitrage Currency Exchange Consultant. He is an Introducing Consultant on behalf of interested parties who wish to have ON LINE income and more, such or access to the worlds biggest investment institutions when they ask, as an introducing consultant with licence associates operating in the consultancy business in various countries, and Cyprus.

1) Investment deposit money in companies whose capital is billions of pounds, and operate for the common good of humanity, such as. Large insurance companies and other institutions, the investment of more than 50 thousand pounds with special activities, Cooperation only with accounting firms, or, organizations, banks, or other types of professionals. We act as introducing consultants were clients can have the opportunity meeting the licence consultant’s experts in their field.

2) Financing of community development projects designs for per individual or as a community, procedure for acceptable requests, only through an accounting firm applicant’s advisors.


Seleroy Trading Limited

Country of taxation:


Introducing Consultant Andreas Konstantinou

• Cyprus, despite the difficulties of the last few years of the global financial crisis and the Covid-19 epidemic is recovering steadily and continues to be a place of professional services with prestigious universities. This website as one of its aims is to help how one can study in Cyprus, or elsewhere with a private sponsorship. There are terms and conditions, applications only through counselling offices.

• The company Seleroy Trading Limited Trades products in direct cooperation with the producer with the ultimate goal of benefiting the producer and the consumer quality and prices.

• Participants lenders (investors) must be over 18 years old and must understand the English language. The company’s activities are subject to international law and regulations Freedom of services.

We all want a secure financial future and the way to do that is by investing in a way that is right for one. Investments don’t have to be risky. It is correct and appropriate to take professional advice before one make a decision. Benefit at day one as often been said, and out of that short term benefit one can invest for the longer future plans. How would one know how to go about in order to make choice; There are professional people in companies as Holborn, introducing consultants associates who can give information and one make one’s own choice. Seleroy trading run by Andreas Konstantinou and associates can provide sufficient information independent advice, so one makes a choice. We are a technocratic advisory service, we are not sales people. For studding an application we at his case act as mediators on behalf of participants/associates.

Α. Konstantinou
Seleroy Trading Limited

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