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Acquisition of a house for rent in the UK

It is a common knowledge that the residential properties in the U.K. can yield a good steady income. Historically the land lord has been the lord. In today’s days there are opportunities been created by expert’s financial technocrats assisting the ordinary small investor to climb the ladder to be a landlord with the benefits together, starting with small investment of one’s own money? Our associates have taken care of arranging the properties in association with reputable building companies of the world biggest, same time arranging the loan/mortgage ready for the buyer. Normally the deposit is 30%- 70% loan. With Seleroy due to the company’s financial director, this deposit matter can be only 12% of the total purchase price furthermore two important matters taken place. One our associates can rent the property were the rental income covering the loan and profit. On top in addition our company as consultancy and mediator, can work the 12% and turn it in to 30% to much the necessary deposit and continue for twelve (12) months providing a voluntary grand equal to the monthly payments so the rental is all clear profit. This can continue only with new arrangements if and when the time comes.

Our financial director as an introducing consultant in association with licence financial advisors, from the U.K. working internationally, in association with the world biggest institutions builders, insurance, banks, can help so we as Seleroy Trading Limited can mediate for clients who wish to climb the ladder from small to become big wealthy investors. We do have our part of the cake our self’s.

Terms and conditions

1) The applicant must be under the age of fifty (50) years old, physical person/s or company share holder.

2) A life investment insurance policy must be taken equal to the loan application, in advance. The policy is to be assigned to the lending institution.

3) Not taxed money is not accepted. i. e. black money we don’t deal with.

In this procure one may find initial application, were information can be given to Seleroy Trading Limited in order to come back, for the normal procedure for the next step, subject to that the information provided will be accepted.


For purchasing home residents not for rental same document application can be used for other countries other than the U.K.


Britain with BREXIT placed a historic event in the International becoming in relation to the European Union.

The creator of this writing, commercially called IAPETOS, lived in Britain for about half a century. More than three decades in London-based financial advisory events. That is, he knows Brittan well good and bad. Certainly rents are high, and they bring income to property owners.

Seleroy Trading Limited (IAPETOS) with direct and indirect cooperation opens opportunities to buy a house or houses for rent.

• Home finding service

• Home loan service

• Usually for purchase for rent you need a same participation of 30% – loan 70% of the whole. IAPETOS design is an opportunity of 15% own participation.

• New homes with rental service together

• Selected areas in developing cities, close to universities, hospitals, factories, so that there is a demand for rental housing.

The writer and designer of everything, practically from his youth he bought houses which he rented. He knows well what he is saying. A house that bought li. 10,000 in 1971 is now worth 2,300,000, or more. Good area selection. Two houses bought for 126,000 and .100, 000 in 1987, next to each other, are now worth 3,000,000. They were paid by rental and Arbitrage programs, which are part of his specialties as a banking executive consultant.

Anyone interested in buying a house or flat in the UK for rent can contact at email. Keep in mind that with our associates cooperation we already have as consultants, apartments of 200,000 and up with the same participation minimum percentage instead of from 3%, we have a program from 30% -15%, deposit Loan moorage for purchasing house/flat can e arrange through our associates by loan providers at the UK . There are forms on the website .

All cases are accompanied with life / health / pension / investment insurance policy through reputable international Insurance companies.

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