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Loan investment process packages:

As already mentioned in this page the company Seleroy Trading Limited trades various food products as an intermediary for the export of Greek products through Cyprus, so that the producers have greater benefits, as well as securing payment for their products. The farmer, the producer, the cooperative is served through a Cypriot company either for each case separately, or through Seleroy Trading Limited. —Cyprus as a European country and as a member of the British Commonwealth is an important body for business mediation due to the special taxation of corporate profits.

Seleroy Trading Limited in the form of a loan through the Arbitrage Trading Consultancies process in international practice with experienced partners repays to the participant the legal interest rate of 12% per annum, as profits / shares usually together amount to around 60% per annum, or more and 100% when the participant recommends other third party participants simply because there is a 10% fee on the amount that the registered / third party participant will benefit from. The candidate is first invited to think about where else he can lend, invest, deposit money without risk and what income he can he’s got. On this page the risk is mentioned that before participating each participant is invited to read all the texts services / opportunities that are opened to him. The minimum participation amount is eight hundred forty eight (848) euro’s. The amount of 148 euro is a diligent cost. The balance of seven hundred (700) euro is the amount of the loan investment. The amount of one hundred forty eight (148) euro for diligent, covers the cost of the master card issuance process, which upon receipt of the said master card that shall have in the card an amount of one hundred (100) euro and a website on how to insure the master card holder vehicles zero cost program . Total payment only one time the first time out of one’s own money, the amount of one hundred forty eight (148) euro after being used is returned with a profit.

—The same applies to each participation package. Remuneration only one level recommends, has a fee. There is no chain / pyramid fee. Payment maturity of the participant’s e-wallet is 79 working days. Master card issuance time is 45 working days.

Package A: Eight hundred forty eight euro (848€) , recommendations as mentioned above 10% per month for the recommendations.
Package B: One thousand five hundred forty eight euro (1548€) as is the (A) 10% per month on the recommendations.
Package C: Two thousand three hundred forty eight euro (2348€). Packages (C) are paid 15% per month on the amount of their recommendations.
Package D: Two thousand nine hundred forty eight euro (2948€). Packages (D) such as (C)
Package E: Five thousand four hundred forty eight euro (5448€). The % rate for his referrals is 20% per month if his referrals are amounts of loan packages as his own package I.e. (E) Package.

Large amounts over 50 thousand euro have a separate procedure. The money shall not leave the name / control of the owner of the money at all. In fact, to see the transactions and he to pay the trader the amount pre agreed. What if he does not pay? It will stop trading. Yes one can monitor the transactions. He cannot easily learn, because he sees.
—A participant, physical person, only one package is entitled, no more. ABCDE are IAPETOS packages over 50 thousand are Robot A.I (Artificial intelligent) packages Income is lower. See Robot A. I. Colum in this site.
Participants on this page have opportunities as mentioned in the IARETOS column.
Any participant who happens to be a producer of traditional products from Greece should not hesitate to contact email regarding a product sales planning program through Seleroy Trading Limited for greater benefits. Company Formation Services can be provided through the company’s associates professionals. Participants after creating a satisfactory own portfolio, or company has no problem to teach young people money transfer techniques in order to help other people who are not familiar with such services. It takes a lot of work or learning. Reading, study, coordination, discipline, consistent character not to be carried away by the potential big profits. A few and definitely Arbitrage Trading Consultancy Introductory Agencies License executive consultancy.
—Do not spoil the internet. It’s a great communication mechanism—.

• Participants in the collaboration of this website who are interested in acquiring wealth of considerable importance are invited to read all the texts of the website. From a small monthly income participant, with a little work, the participant can become a property owner in the UK, or, wherever else he chooses in the data of the website.
Can be developed into an International Bond owner with programmes of companies with billions of funds.
• No one who works as just one has achieved wealth. Wealth is achieved when people act like (we). Net work no matter how one thinks success comes to those who first dream, envision, and act. By recommending five entrants, investing in the first two months, or, in just two weeks, now consider what you lent/invest as much money as you invested in the loan/investment how much you can make with a few recommendations, and what the outcome is, buying 5—10 properties for rent in the United Kingdom.

Whatever you wish for, if you do not think about it yourself, it cannot be done. Think of your desire and act towards it is success. Tool is the business website your business. From each participant depends on how much he wants to achieve what he thought what the website door in front of him /her.

Sir or madam do you want, to have the opportunity to acquire wealth? Then help others acquire to acquire together.

Do you know entrepreneurs who do not have associates, lenders, traders, or others? Do you know a general who goes to battle without soldiers? Does he go alone?

The designer of everything, at the age of eighteen, was a barber. At the age of twenty-eight he was a property’s owner, income from rental. Now he writes books and attends the garden of his house and helps others, you, if you want to be helped.

New Company formation services & citizenship when require

As Seleroy Trading Limited, based in Cyprus, a European country, we have managed to have contacts with professional experts each in their field not only in Cyprus and Europe, but in other countries where Cyprus has non-double taxation agreements, and not only.

Mediation service for any sector, it is necessary that the mediation service be enriched with the necessary knowledge on the issues it mediates, on behalf of and serving third parties. It must be governed by training. These are what we as Seleroy Trading Limited managed to have+ professionalism. Our collaborators are each trained in their own kind, in their own space.

1) Complex finance captive solutions

2) Company formation services contacts in many countries.

3) Contacts regarding the acquisition of second citizenship.

4) Pre-banking investment services, small or large-scale, always with seriousness and respect for privacy and privacy — and always settling the legal framework of each country from each country. Diligent for each applicant, is a condition, before we proceed as a company to establish a successful result in what the applicant is interested in an investor / candidate applicant for European citizenship / creation of a company, Cypriot or other form of company.

5) The company is a great tool. It is a body that with proper management the shareholder / owner can have significant benefits for himself and expansion into society.
For Diligent about a new company in terms of preparation for a request, the interested party is kindly requested to complete the simple questionnaire. The information is private and confidential for internal use.

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