Dear visitor / s, please read the texts on this page with an open mind. If this is new to you, do not hesitate to contact for any question, no matter how small or large. You will have a response, from the management, or, a representative of the management.

• To participate in the zero cost driving insurance programs, visit By participating in this program, a door opens for other services without charge, or, reduced charge.

• Acquisition of a small income, or, large using the knowledge of experts in the international world of finance. IARETOS texts on this page to be read, understood and then the decision, going forward.

• Consolidation of loans with special voluntary private grant plans equal to the amount of the monthly instalment of the solution / agreement. That is, zero instalments cost from the borrower’s already existing income. It is not a government grant. Application E.D.G.K.0031

• For the purchase of a house in the United Kingdom for the purpose of renting with a low percentage of own participation, form E.D.G.K. 500 (For other countries same document)

• For third party referrals, which help others to have income, the referrer has a benefit of 10% on the monthly amount that the registered member enjoys. Not from, but on the amount. Only one levels of pay everyone participating only on their own recommendations benefits. For written form Registration Application. (This is needed by and for each participant / associate).

  • Each participant after studying and understanding the texts, if he wishes can apply for a seminar to acquire knowledge in order to serve other third parties in terms of financial benefit as a whole. It is cooperation, it is not competition. Do not exaggerate about services / products when talking to friends / acquaintances / or strangers. The opportunity on this page would not be easy for the ordinary citizen to have, if it were not for the internet. Every participant must be correct in using the tool, internet.
  • A hammer: The furniture maker makes furniture. The criminal beats someone on the head, kills him to rob him. Hammer the furniture maker, hammer and the criminal. The hammer is not to blame. The internet is not to blame. It depends on all of us how we handle the internet tool, or the hammer.
    —Read the texts step by step by step. Not just a quick look. Money matters are a serious matter—
    —We require agent in third economy countries so we to help— helping financing for prefabricated houses. The applicant must be a reputable firm, accountants/charity firm/Religion institution local government.
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