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The prosperity of a state depends on the prosperity and education of each one of its citizens


Globalization has found many countries unprepared. As a tsunami it dragged economies, governments, peoples into economic ruin. At the same time it changed for the better other countries advanced spiritually, academically, socially, economically.

Education, housing, health, are important necessary issues that everyone has the moral obligation, in each state to contribute as an individual, as a business as a state in terms of not only resolving but also supporting such initiatives.

The firm trading name IAPETOS, service created designs in collaboration with Seleroy Trading Limited consultancies, where each participant has the opportunity to be helped in terms of income development, covering study costs as well as housing, health and pensions.

Instead of rebelling against our leaders, it is better to help with our own actions, efforts, and our view is the power of the ballot box as much as the choice of leadership. One has no right to judge when one is not an example to be imitate, as a professional, as a citizen, as a leader. Rights yes duties first.
We are in times of advanced technology. The internet is a great service. Communication is immediate. It is up to us to use such a service for our own good as well as for our fellow human beings.

A young person, who is going to study in a European or another university in a non-European country, needs to be given an entry visa in the country. He usually has to pay a one-year advance in tuition for the university he chose around 6 months in advance. Also have money for accommodation and living expenses.

The IAPETOS service accepting requests through academic advisors or accounting advisors for students who want to have up to zero tuition fees out of their own money.

Due to the fact that the IAPETOS service is accountable in its protection legislation, from possible accusations of money laundering, it wants to know where the money is going, which each participant enjoys. Study costs are for us the gravel as a social duty, as well as other services.

Instead of the student / student’s parents paying the tuition fee, six months in advance – if they wish – the student can participate in an IAPETOS program, twenty months in advance. The cost of one year can have a monthly income covering the entire period of studies. There are terms and conditions, such as after the end of the first year, or, before the end of the first year, i.e. before the second year, is required to introduce a new student to the program.

When the student joins the program, he is given a manual on how to have extra income during the years he/she studies, as well as an opportunity to finance a project / business when he returns to his homeland only business in his homeland, as social contribution. Example of participation as an example in general Starts to have income as a participant in the IAPETOS planning, through Master Cards from 10% per month as interest and dividends / profits which he returns to the program which in the twelve (12) months is given an amount equal to his initial participation and then a monthly amount for 48 months for his studies, ten months a year and an opportunity to increase more income when and if he is interested. —Some programs are from 5% per month for longer period. Yield maturity time is 65-93-108 working days from the first day of participation. This is stated at the time of the application when is to be accepted.

Participation amount: 10,180 euro. The amount of 180 euro is a cost diligent. Result of about 10% or more returning it back to ten (10) months lump sum of ten (10) thousand. Receipt of tuition fee is sent back. Then, after the regulation of at least one referral came into force, the procedure continues through the master card, a monthly amount of 10% plus the benefit of the referral which is 10% of the amount received by the registered student (third party). A recommendation is the rule. More only if he/she wishes, fine.

Come with life insurance retirement plan health coverage policy from reputable insurance companies, always through their advisors accountants/lawyers.
To send information the interested party should contact the email.

• Computer use
• Knowledge of English
• Clean criminal record
• Minimum academic education, high school
• Interest in learning / self-improvement
• Reliable / decent respect to the neighbour
• Interest in acquiring wealth / money

Curriculum vitae to email.

All applicants for student’s economic support must understand the money granted it is only for studies not other use. In the event of other use the system will stop the grand facility. This is not a governed support it is from business profiting voluntary service.

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